We are an experienced mission-driven team of designers, artists, computer scientists, developers and business leaders who have united to make the web sustainable.


  1. Julie Freeman (Founder)

    Julie is a creative entrepreneur, artist and designer with a PhD in computer science, specialising in real-time data. She has been a software designer for over 20 years, and is a TED Senior Fellow. She is co-founder of Fine Acts, and Data as Culture at the Open Data Institute.

  2. Emma Quinn (Founding Advisor - Content)

    Emma is an experienced project and programme manager in the arts, tech and philanthropy. She is currently working with Google Arts & Culture to bring their content to an education audience around the world.

  3. Suzanne Lee (Founding Advisor - Design)

    Suzanne is the founder and CEO of Biofabricate, and TED Senior Fellow. She was previously Chief Creative Officer at Modern Meadow.

  4. Ian Freeman (Founding Advisor - Commercial)

    Ian is an experienced commercial officer. He holds an MBA (Dist) from Ashridge Business School. He is Chief Revenue Officer at FSB Technology.

  5. Andrew Hine (Founding Advisor - Strategy and Finance)

    Andrew is co-founder of Greenspur. He is an accountant and MBA who specialises in strategic business development in environmental technologies.

  6. Erin Casali (Advisor - Product Design, Leadership)

    Erin is Sr Director of Product Design, EMEA, at Xero, previously VP of Product Design, Jetpack at Automattic, the company behind WordPress.com.

  7. Jonty Wareing (Advisor - Technology)

    Jonty is Chief Architect, previously Director of Engineering, at Lucid.

  8. Freelance Team

  9. Matt Jarvis (Dev Ops)

    Matt is a physical computing specialist and creative technologist.

  10. Stephen Wolff (Developer)

    Stephen is a full stack developer.

  11. Little Goodson (Designer)

    LG is an illustrator and commercial designer.

  12. Paul Mumby (Front-end Dev)

    Paul is a graphic designer and front end developer.